Top Five Italian Foods Restaurant In Las Vegas



The genuine Rao’s are situated in New York City and operated more than 115 years. One of the best Italian restaurant. The Rao’s is also known for the toughest reservations, but their food worth the wait. They are fine tuning the Italian recipes more than 100 years. Every item in their menu is sure to please you.



The Italian restaurant is inspired by Chairman of the Board himself. The restaurant is decorated by memorabilia theme and the restaurant attached visitors to Las Vegas history. From foods to signature Sinatra cocktail the restaurant will give you an amazing adventure.

Bootlegger Bistro


The Bootlegger Bistro server their customers 24 hours. They have two types of foods, one part Las Vegan and one part pure Italian. The full menu of the Bootlegger Bistro transports guests through a pure Italian food experience, you expect. The restaurant not only focus in great foods, they believe entertainment is the major key and it makes perfect sense.



Montesano is running from a long time by the same family. Its feel like a slice of Brooklyn (New York) in Las Vegas and it’s been in Vegas more than 20 years. Individuals daily make a long line for fresh bread, tasty takeaway and desserts or you can sit down in the room and order for gnocchi with cream sauce, which complete with an extensive and genuine selection of Italian pizzas.

Nove Italiano


This luxurious fellow to Nine sits on the Palms’ super-luxury Imaginary Tower and claims one of the best views in town, along with lovely fresh ribbons. The steaks are the facilities the soaked with boldness. But for all that, the lone objection you will catch about the Nove spaghetti. The Nove spaghetti is priced at $43 expense tag.

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