Do you like shooting? Las Vegas will not disappoint you in this field. There are few shooting range with exciting guns and offers are available in Las Vegas. Just you have to choose which range will suits you better and your goals.

Gun Garage

Gun Garage will put a boost in your trip to Las Vegas that casinos can’t do like them. Whether you are an experienced gun fan or an interested novice, you can experience the enthusiasm of gunfire a variation of semi-automatic and fully automatic guns in Gun Garage’s inside 12-lane shooting range in Las Vegas.

You can actually feel the thrill of firing favorite of the USA army M4 carbine or hitting the target with 1911 classic pistol in Gun Garage shooting range.

Battlefield Vegas

If you want to feel the thrill of world war I to modern middle east missions and battels. Battlefield Vegas offers you to experience the real feel of Battlefield.

Whether you call Battlefield Vegas at their 5-acre army-style multifaceted situated just one block from the band, or at one of the off-site reward terrain exercise areas, you will be sure the most realistic first person shooting understanding of your value of your life.

They have weapons at your discarding courting from World War I all the way through to the arms used by NATO forces in Afghanistan and Iraq nowadays.

The Range 702

The Range 702 make sure their clients are safe during the gun shooting experience. So, that their clients are pleased with their service and keep coming back for more fun. The always up to date with latest technology, advanced firearms equipment’s. So, if you visit them regularly, you are welcome with new weapons to try in their 16-shooting range. They also guide you to know about new guns and operating them. The Range 702 has an on-site Gunsmith and Armorer so that they can take care of our clienteles by if cleaning, maintenance, custom work and repairs needed.

Strip Gun Club

Strip Gun Club is the ultimate game changer for your Vegas trip. You will forget about all the casino slots games when you pull the rifle and start acting like 007 undercover or as a head of battalion. Strip Gun Club have 2 private VIP five rifle lanes and pistol lanes and. You’ll even to shoot in a lane with an in-built growing turret.

Group shooting involvements are modified to deliver a remarkably exclusive experience. Whether you’re partying a birthday, going wild with a single or bachelorette party or squad structure at a commercial event, you’ll always reminisce your authoritative Strip Gun Club involvements.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the recent tragedy in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the beating heart of our industry. and the our entire staff is focused on helping the Las Vegas community recover.