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As you have probably heard, the drug laws in Nevada and California recently went under some groundbreaking changes. Before you go smoking any marijuana, though, make sure you understand the following.

Is This Just for Medicinal Users?

In California, marijuana has been legal for people with a license for years. That license could only be given by a doctor who had to first examine the person. Even then, the license would dictate how much the patient could buy at any one time.

However, you can now forget about those rules completely as recreational use means anyone of the legal age (more on that next) can buy and smoke marijuana.

The rules are different in Nevada, though. They’re basically following the same laws California used to, meaning you have to have a prescription from your doctor to buy and/or use marijuana.

At the moment, no company in NV has the license to sell recreational marijuana, but that will change over the next year. Part of the law that passed says that the Department of Taxation has until January 1st, 2018 to come up with rules regarding the state’s sales and licenses of retail marijuana dispensaries.

Who Can Legally Use Marijuana in Nevada and California?

In both states, the legal age is 21. You can expect underage tickets just like you would get with alcohol if you smoke weed before you’re of age.

So I Can Buy As Much Marijuana as I Want?

The simple answer is that, yes, you can. Obviously, in Nevada, you need the proper license.

Now, the law actually says you can only possess an ounce of marijuana at any one time. “Only” is a bit misleading here, though, because an ounce is a lot of marijuana. This dried plant does not weigh much, so an ounce is about a sandwich bag worth of weed.

For those who are long-time smokers, a joint has about ½ gram of weed in it, so your legal maximum is good for about 60 joints. You can always buy more, too.

If you plan on buying marijuana concentrate, the amount drops down to 1/8 ounce, but that’s still a lot considering how much THC is in that solution.

Am I Allowed to Operate a Motor Vehicle with Marijuana in It?

You are permitted to have marijuana in our car, yes, so long as it’s within the legal limit we just discussed. Driving while under the influence of marijuana is still against the law, though. In fact, passengers in your car can’t even smoke while it’s moving.

Can I Grow My Own Marijuana?

No. There are some exceptions for people who live in extremely rural areas of Nevada, but otherwise, you are prohibited from growing your own marijuana. You can also expect for law enforcement to step up their attempts to find homegrown plants, too, as Colorado has faced big problems with this.

This article should help you better understand what to expect from these new laws, but as we just touched on, plenty of new developments could be on the horizon going forward.


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Beer Park


Beer Park will host the Night Football events thought the season on Monday. They offer over hundred beer choices and a huge selection of cocktails and handmade beers.

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A magnitude 3.6 earthquake has smitten in a remote a part of the northern Nevada desert.

The U.S. Geological Survey says the quake hit at 1:53 a.m. today regarding fourteen miles northeast of Gerlach. That’s concerning 182 miles northeast of Carson town.

Washoe County Sheriff’s Office representative Bob Harmon speaks there have been no reports of any harm.


According to Harmon, the epicenter is in a terribly remote space of the Black Rock Desert.The Black Rock Desert is known because the site of the annual Burning Man culture festival.This is the second quake within the region in three days.A magnitude 3.5 earthquake smitten Thursday however there was no harm reported.


Administrators at the University of Nevada’s geophysical science Laboratory in urban center aforesaid few individuals possibly felt it.




Las Vegas, NV has never had a professional football team. A few of the closest things the city ever had was the Las Vegas Outlaws, which was a part of the failed XFL, the Las Vegas Posse, from the failed CLF, and the Las Vegas Sting, from the failed Arena Football League. However, they have never been home to a team from the NFL. Of course, it appears that things are changing in that arena. The Oakland Raiders want to pick up and relocate to Sin City, and this has the potential to be very good for the town.

Even though the city has had trouble supporting professional sports teams in the past, the NFL is a different beast entirely. There seems to be a lot of potential, and the move looks like it could be a foregone conclusion, although there may be some hiccups, as you will see.

Raiders Apply for Permission to Move

In February, 2017, the Oakland Raiders applied for permission to move to Las Vegas. They need to have 24 owner votes before they can make this move. Currently, they are lacking a partner to provide them with some of the financing they need. The owner of Sands, Sheldon Adelson, was going to contribute, but backed out. There are rumors that another potential partner, Goldman Sachs, is not going to contribute either.

The Raiders currently still need to put together $650 million, in addition to the $750 million from Nevada taxpayers and the $500 million from the NFL, to build their proposed stadium. The cost of the stadium stands at $1.9 billion. Even though they have had people dropout from the investment, the Raiders say that they still have two banks that will help to provide the money needed for the stadium. However, they did not name the sources of these extra funds.

Reports say that Adelson was not pleased with the lease the Raiders wanted to sign. The proposal would have the Raiders paying just $1 in rent each year. The investor did not like how the proposal only favored the Raiders. One of the only potential benefits to having Adelson drop out is the fact that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was unhappy that a casino owner would be involved with the NFL in any way.

It Could Be Good for Las Vegas

If the Oakland Raiders do move to Las Vegas, it has the potential to be very good for the city. It could help to increase jobs in the city, and provide even more in the way of tourists dollars, although Vegas has never seemed to have a problem with the number of tourists that come here.

Even though most believe that the Raiders will be coming to Las Vegas, there is still a possibility that they will not get the funding and will not have the votes needed to make that move. It’s an interesting situation that is certainly worth watching. We should know the results before too long.


Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the recent tragedy in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the beating heart of our industry. and the our entire staff is focused on helping the Las Vegas community recover.