Greetings, you’re coming to Vegas! You’re regarding to bask in what forty-one million guests to the current neon-laden ecstasy did last year—memorable restaurants, fabulous shows, an abundance of searching and attractions that run the gamut from delicate to wild, with myriad choices for all budgets. We’ve prepared for your visit with a list of tips you wish to understand to maximize your fun quotient, avoid wait times and pointless expenses. Follow this guide and you’ll seem like an experienced professional who has been to the town obstinately, rather than a first-timer now the plane. Now, let the escapade begin!

We truly wish that, on our primary visit, somebody had told us not to tread all the way from the Bellagio to the MGM Grand—sure, it doesn’t EXPRESSION far, but a couple of blocks in and you’ll wonder what finished you do it. The Strip is 4 miles extensive, and since the buildings are so close together, they appear closer than they actually are—a two building walk from, say, Bally’s to Planet Hollywood is handy, but any more than that, and you will wear out your hiking shoes.

If you’re going to play slots, video poker or table games, don’t acquisition cocktails at a casino bar earlier—wait until the cocktail server approaches you. In an effort to keep you betting, the casinos offer free cocktails; you may have to wait a little longer for it, but you’ll save cash. And if you’re hitting the clubs far along, start your drinking on the casino floor so there’s less you have to devote—for any type of presentation, even a DJ spinning, you’ll get hit with an extra live entertainment tax. Well to start early!

As with any brand new travel venue, you will get the most out of your Vegas holiday when you acquaint yourself with your environs first. After you check in, take a walk around your hotel and casino, and note where the restaurants, restrooms and seating areas are. Once you’ve had a rest, it’s time to tackle the Strip—occasionally seeing the sights is irresistible in itself. To get some insider’s knowledge on the structures, the history of Las Vegas and more, hop on a Big Bus and enjoy a related tour of the city—there are 20+ stops between the Strip and downtown. Our reference: stay on the bus for the entire distance of the tour before hopping off; this way you’ll be able to makes a note of your must-visit stops and plan your attack. Don’t fear, however—you’ll be able to get back on any bus within a 24- or 48-hour period, depending on the tour length you choose.

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