Christmas is knocking the door again. Soon it will be the time for big celebrations and holiday. If you plan to celebrate your Christmas in Las Vegas, you can go for gambling and if you are lucky than it maybe gives you some nice cash to boost up your celebration. W expected some of you will spend New Year’s Evening and Christmas in fantastic Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is identified for doing everything big. Christmas is no prospect. The special vacations and holiday season actually is the right time to travel in Las Vegas. If you have plan enjoy the vacation in Las Vegas get your flight’s ticket ready, because the tickets get pricey and sell out fast around that time of year. But if you try you can get some tickets still now with some decent prices.

The Vegas strip is full of decorations, holiday spirit, and giant Christmas trees. If you like special holiday shows check out the internet or wait for our next article. These shows tickets also sell out fast like plane tickets so get your tickets as first as possible.

christmas in las vegas

Things You Should Keep in Mind About Christmas in Las Vegas:

1. In this year, Christmas in Las Vegas going to be crowded, mainly in the Vegas Strip. Because many people will gather for Christmas and new year celebration.
2. Everything will be open. Including Casinos, Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Tourist attractions.
3. On a special day, the buffets will come out almost double price than the regular price.
4. In Christmas day if you want to have some fancy dinner, make reservations in a restaurant. Otherwise, you might not welcome in most famous restaurants in Las Vegas.
If you decided to stay Christmas day in Las Vegas, make sure you have a to-do list. You will find many lots of money saving tips on the web. So, planning is important for the special day.

As you have probably heard, the drug laws in Nevada and California recently went under some groundbreaking changes. Before you go smoking any marijuana, though, make sure you understand the following.

Is This Just for Medicinal Users?

In California, marijuana has been legal for people with a license for years. That license could only be given by a doctor who had to first examine the person. Even then, the license would dictate how much the patient could buy at any one time.

However, you can now forget about those rules completely as recreational use means anyone of the legal age (more on that next) can buy and smoke marijuana.

The rules are different in Nevada, though. They’re basically following the same laws California used to, meaning you have to have a prescription from your doctor to buy and/or use marijuana.

At the moment, no company in NV has the license to sell recreational marijuana, but that will change over the next year. Part of the law that passed says that the Department of Taxation has until January 1st, 2018 to come up with rules regarding the state’s sales and licenses of retail marijuana dispensaries.

Who Can Legally Use Marijuana in Nevada and California?

In both states, the legal age is 21. You can expect underage tickets just like you would get with alcohol if you smoke weed before you’re of age.

So I Can Buy As Much Marijuana as I Want?

The simple answer is that, yes, you can. Obviously, in Nevada, you need the proper license.

Now, the law actually says you can only possess an ounce of marijuana at any one time. “Only” is a bit misleading here, though, because an ounce is a lot of marijuana. This dried plant does not weigh much, so an ounce is about a sandwich bag worth of weed.

For those who are long-time smokers, a joint has about ½ gram of weed in it, so your legal maximum is good for about 60 joints. You can always buy more, too.

If you plan on buying marijuana concentrate, the amount drops down to 1/8 ounce, but that’s still a lot considering how much THC is in that solution.

Am I Allowed to Operate a Motor Vehicle with Marijuana in It?

You are permitted to have marijuana in our car, yes, so long as it’s within the legal limit we just discussed. Driving while under the influence of marijuana is still against the law, though. In fact, passengers in your car can’t even smoke while it’s moving.

Can I Grow My Own Marijuana?

No. There are some exceptions for people who live in extremely rural areas of Nevada, but otherwise, you are prohibited from growing your own marijuana. You can also expect for law enforcement to step up their attempts to find homegrown plants, too, as Colorado has faced big problems with this.

This article should help you better understand what to expect from these new laws, but as we just touched on, plenty of new developments could be on the horizon going forward.





Las Vegas is a wonderful city, and it seems as if there is always something interesting
to see and do for those who visit, as well as those who call it their home. This March,
you will find plenty of great things to enjoy, including checking out the games during
March Madness. Let’s look at some of the great options available.
What Can You Do for March Madness?
For two weeks in March, everyone has their mind on basketball, and if you are in Vegas
during this time, you can take advantage of the excitement in the city. Naturally, you
want to watch the games, and you certainly do not want to sit in your hotel room to
watch them. Fortunately, you will find that most of the sports bars in the area are just as
excited as you and your friends, and they will be tuning in. You can head to the Hard
Rock Café on the Strip and have fun at the Hoops Madness Party, or you can catch the
games live at the Sapphire.
If you are looking for sports books so you can place your bets on the games, Vegas is
certainly the city for you. Some of the casinos you might want to visit include Aria,
Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, the Hard Rock Hotel, Mandalay Bay, Planet Hollywood, and
Wynn. Of course, the city has quite a few more bookmakers than just these hotels and
Other Events in March
Of course, even though many people are excited about the games, you might want to
do a few other things while you are in town. In addition to all the fantastic permanent
shows in the city, March has some other acts that you might want to see.
Bruno Mars will be playing at the Monte Carlo on March 11 and 12. If you have never
seen Mars in person, you can rest assured that he puts on a fantastic show. If you can’t
get enough of Game of Thrones, you can check out the Game of Thrones Live Concert
Experience at the MGM Grand on March 25. If you would like to get your “Rebel Yell” on
before a “White Wedding”, be sure to check out Billy Idol. He will be performing at
Mandalay Bay from March 8 to March 24. Rod Steward will be a Caesars Palace from
March 15 through 31, and John Fogerty is at Wynn on March 11.
Keep in mind that these are just some of the shows that will be in Vegas in the month of
March. You have plenty of other great choices, too.
Never Get Bored in Vegas
As you can see, March is full of activities and events in addition to March Madness.
Make the most of the month and don’t forget that you can also indulge in some great
food. Whether you are looking for gourmet cooking, buffets, or something in between,
you can find plenty of places to enjoy in Vegas.
Resources: http://www.lasvegas-entertainment- guide.com/las-vegas-events-in-march.html



Do you like shooting? Las Vegas will not disappoint you in this field. There are few shooting range with exciting guns and offers are available in Las Vegas. Just you have to choose which range will suits you better and your goals.



Gun Garage



Gun Garage will put a boost in your trip to Las Vegas that casinos can’t do like them. Whether you are an experienced gun fan or an interested novice, you can experience the enthusiasm of gunfire a variation of semi-automatic and fully automatic guns in Gun Garage’s inside 12-lane shooting range in Las Vegas.

You can actually feel the thrill of firing favorite of the USA army M4 carbine or hitting the target with 1911 classic pistol in Gun Garage shooting range.



Battlefield Vegas




If you want to feel the thrill of world war I to modern middle east missions and battels. Battlefield Vegas offers you to experience the real feel of Battlefield.


Whether you call Battlefield Vegas at their 5-acre army-style multifaceted situated just one block from the band, or at one of the off-site reward terrain exercise areas, you will be sure the most realistic first person shooting understanding of your value of your life.



They have weapons at your discarding courting from World War I all the way through to the arms used by NATO forces in Afghanistan and Iraq nowadays.




The Range 702



The Range 702 make sure their clients are safe during the gun shooting experience. So, that their clients are pleased with their service and keep coming back for more fun. The always up to date with latest technology, advanced firearms equipment’s. So, if you visit them regularly, you are welcome with new weapons to try in their 16-shooting range. They also guide you to know about new guns and operating them. The Range 702 has an on-site Gunsmith and Armorer so that they can take care of our clienteles by if cleaning, maintenance, custom work and repairs needed.



Strip Gun Club



Strip Gun Club is the ultimate game changer for your Vegas trip. You will forget about all the casino slots games when you pull the rifle and start acting like 007 undercover or as a head of battalion. Strip Gun Club have 2 private VIP five rifle lanes and pistol lanes and. You’ll even to shoot in a lane with an in-built growing turret.


Group shooting involvements are modified to deliver a remarkably exclusive experience. Whether you’re partying a birthday, going wild with a single or bachelorette party or squad structure at a commercial event, you’ll always reminisce your authoritative Strip Gun Club involvements.



Top Five Italian Foods Restaurant In Las Vegas



The genuine Rao’s are situated in New York City and operated more than 115 years. One of the best Italian restaurant. The Rao’s is also known for the toughest reservations, but their food worth the wait. They are fine tuning the Italian recipes more than 100 years. Every item in their menu is sure to please you.



The Italian restaurant is inspired by Chairman of the Board himself. The restaurant is decorated by memorabilia theme and the restaurant attached visitors to Las Vegas history. From foods to signature Sinatra cocktail the restaurant will give you an amazing adventure.

Bootlegger Bistro


The Bootlegger Bistro server their customers 24 hours. They have two types of foods, one part Las Vegan and one part pure Italian. The full menu of the Bootlegger Bistro transports guests through a pure Italian food experience, you expect. The restaurant not only focus in great foods, they believe entertainment is the major key and it makes perfect sense.



Montesano is running from a long time by the same family. Its feel like a slice of Brooklyn (New York) in Las Vegas and it’s been in Vegas more than 20 years. Individuals daily make a long line for fresh bread, tasty takeaway and desserts or you can sit down in the room and order for gnocchi with cream sauce, which complete with an extensive and genuine selection of Italian pizzas.

Nove Italiano


This luxurious fellow to Nine sits on the Palms’ super-luxury Imaginary Tower and claims one of the best views in town, along with lovely fresh ribbons. The steaks are the facilities the soaked with boldness. But for all that, the lone objection you will catch about the Nove spaghetti. The Nove spaghetti is priced at $43 expense tag.

If you are a football fan and you are in Las Vegas, worried about watching matches. You are happy to read that there are many awesome places in Las Vegas to watch football with your favorite team supporters. The venues are so cool that you will feel like you are watching the match in the stadium. There are many bars and restaurant that supports your favorite football team.

Aliante Hotel Casino


Aliante Hotel Casino has an arrangement the environment like stadium style during games. The famous hot dog stand will be stationed in Race Book during all games runtime. The hot dog stand will present the famous and classic Nathan’s hot dogs which are two for $5 and $3 for one. No party is complete with ice cold beer, visitors may enjoy Bud Light bottles priced at $2 each and other branded beers are also available with $3 price tag. Also, you can buy cocktails including bloody marys during the games.

Beer Park


Beer Park will host the Night Football events thought the season on Monday. They offer over hundred beer choices and a huge selection of cocktails and handmade beers.

Cabo Wabo CantinafootballCabo Wabo Cantina is located inside the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. The Cabo Wabo celebrate all the major football matches and leagues a whole year. They have 200-inch video grid panel, 200-inch projection panel and several 80-Inch-High Definition televisions to watch every moment of football in HD. There is various drink available for guests including Heineken beer buckets.



Crush is inside the MGM Hotel and Casino; they always celebrate the NFL season with their customized menu. The long menu offered grilled chipotle BBQ chicken wings priced at $15 and Domestic beer price at $20. Fans are free to select their favorite teams. Fans can watch the match with their supporters in multiple high definition televisions.

Dave and Busters

footballDave and Busters have more than 30 high definition television and 360-degree sports bar to catch every football match. They offer half-priced game during matches and food and drinks are also offered. They offer $2 for beers and $2 for Tacos

Regular exercise is one of the essential ingredients for maintaining a healthy heart, but in this day and age wherever everything is drive-through, Web-accessible or technology-enabled, the need for human movement has diminished.
However sedentary our lifestyle lets us be, our bodies need activity to keep healthy. It is no good having all you wish at your fingertips if your organs ar unhealthy.

WebMD advocates cardiovascular effort as the best exercise, with stretching and weight training taking part in a supporting role.

Always consult your health skilled before enterprise any kind of exercise.


Cardiovascular Activity

The Franklin Institute’s Center for Innovation in Science Learning offers some tips to help on the road to heart health which will be incorporated into way of life. These include taking the stairs rather than the elevator, parking as far as attainable from your destination thus that you’ve got to run and putt additional effort into work to form it additional strenuous.

While these tips ar a decent begin, nothing beats a regular exercise routine, and it is important to settle on one thing that you just can get pleasure from in order that you keep driven to stay with. Good forms of vas exercise embody swimming, that is an overall body workout and which very gets your heart pumping. Walking, when done with purpose, can be one in every of the most effective ways in which to stay your heart healthy. Running is well known for its overall health advantages and includes a nice impact on heart health particularly.

If you prefer to exercise at a gymnasium there ar continually a good variety of aerobic categories to settle on from, including spinning, aerobics, Tae-bo and many additional. You can additionally be part of a dance cluster and learn condiment or social dancing, both of that ar very sensible vas exercises and an other profit is that the social interaction that’s an inherent half.

The American Heart Association advises that whichever choice you select, to be effective you must make out frequently, three to four times every week, for a minimum of 30 minutes and it should increase your pulse rate for the period. You can also break your exercise sessions right down to ten minutes 3 times each day, if necessary.

Golden Gatefree-stuff-golden-gate-downtown-las-vegasBeside downtown’s Fremont Street Involvement, an electronic sound-and-light show, the Golden Gate is a one-of-a-kind old-fashioned casino hotel. It opened in 1906, 1 year after the city of Las Vegas was originated. Victoriana abounds exclusive the San Francisco-themed casino, with antique slot machines by the lobby registration desk. Recently remodeled hotel rooms have more panache than other center casino hotels, witness dark-leather bedhead and club chairs, flat-screen TVs, and pillow-top futons. Avoid rooms with prison-barred windows that look onto a deafening back alley.


Bounding back to its former glory, the Tropicana is one in all solely some of Nineteen Fifties casino hotels still standing on the Strip. Opposite the MGM Grand, the Trop is trying higher than ever because of a huge amount of money used to the renovation that has enlivened the casino and outdoor pools, additional more youthful bars and restaurants and re-envisioned building rooms with attractive Miami vogue. Tasteful touches, like plantation shutters, artificial foliage, and chaise longues, manage to not clash with 21st-century perks like plasma TVs and heavenly beds. For discounted area deals, sign in for promotional emails on the web site, or follow the Trop on Twitter and like it on Facebook.


Tired of the dinging of Vegas’s slot machines? take flight the casinos at this dress shop building, a brief drive, bus or taxi ride east of the Strip. Minimalist motel-style structures edge of a small pool with cabanas, cocktails and DJs. All wrapped in stylish white, cool reminder violet and indigo, or stark red-and-black whimsy, every “suite” (really, most are simply outsized rooms) comes with its own bathing tub, Wi-Fi, and an “adult” TV channel. The Addiction resto-lounge is that the place to attach throughout the time of day whereas, across the road, the onerous Rock Resort offers pool parties, concerts, and a rock-star spa and outlets.

Monte Carlo


The grand opening of the flashy Cosmopolitan resort, a quick walk northern along the Strip – has upped the ante for residual at the Monte Carlo. With the City Center casino, hotel, shopping, dining and entertaining complex in near hand, you’ll understand why these hotel rooms are still among the Strip’s better snips. Quality hotel rooms come with all mod-cons such as flat screen Televisions, iPod docking stations, and Wi-Fi. By day, seepage to the hotel’s outdoor pool complex, which has a “lazy river” ride for fluctuating along on blowup rafts, a splashy wave pool.

Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon


Rocking in the middle of the Strip, this petite corner casino sees plenty of action, day and night. The close hotel is western–themed, with Victorian sconces in the halls, faux stained-glass in the washrooms, and striped wallpaper lighting compact hotel rooms. Though rooms haven’t been tidied up in quite a while, don’t worry: you won’t be outlay much time indoors, not with the Bellagio and Caesars Palace casino-hotel across the street. There’s no swimming pool at Bill’s, but hotel visitors can use the pool at the neighboring Flamingo resort. Don’t miss Big Elvis’s celebrity imitator lounge shows most weekday midafternoons.


Aliante Golf Club

Aliante is an exciting golf course extending more than 7,000 yards from the back tees. A twisting arroya comes into play on 14 holes if interesting contours and unique playing appearances.

3100 W Elkhorn, North Las Vegas, NV, 89084
Location: NE & North Las Vegas


Angel Park Golf Club

Planned by the legendary Arnold Palmer, Angel Park offers 36 holes of championship golf.

The 18-hole Palm Course has an old-style layout with classic shotmaking challenges with a Par 70, while the 18-hole Mountain Course features an up-to-date approach to course design with a Par 71.

Angel Park contains the 12-hole Cloud Nine Short Course, a 9-hole hitting course, and a fully armed exercise facility, 3,000 sq. ft. putting green, practice chipping area and event lawn all of which are glow lighted in the evening.

At almost 3,000 feet in a promotion, Angel Park offers remarkable views of Red Rock Canyon and the Las Vegas Valley.

100 S Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, 89145
Location: Northwest & Summerlin


Arroyo Golf Club at Red Rock

The Arnold Palmer-designed Arroyo Course resides in the shadows of one of Las Vegas’ most respected revolutions, Red Rock Canyon. Ribboning flawlessly through the rugged desert and mountain terrain, Arroyo features understated shifts in elevation, making for rollicking challenges and panoramic views of the Las Vegas cityscape. The daily-fee-only clubhouse features a full-service golf shop, men’s and women’s locker rooms and a bar and grill with a wide patio that features excellent views of Red Rock Canyon and the city below.


2250 C Red Springs Dr, Las Vegas, NV, 89135


Badlands Golf Club

Intended by Johnny Miller with discussion by two-time Las Vegas Senior Classic Winner Chi Chi Rodriguez, the Badlands is a true reward golf experience, placing a premium on accurate ball-striking.

Three distinct nines, the Outlaw (rating of 73.1, slope 149), Diablo (rating of 73.0, slope 149) and Outlaw (rating 71.5, slope 147) courses, combine to give the Badlands 27 stimulating holes set against the remarkable Red Rock canyons.

Clubhouse, practice and banquet services are obtainable.

9119 Alta Dr, Las Vegas, NV, 89145
Location: Northwest & Summerlin


Bali Hai Golf Course

Recognized by Golfweek as one of the “Top 40 Resort Courses in America,” Bali Hai transports golfers to a tropical island paradise.

The course features seven acres of water hazards, a total of 4,000 trees, including 2,500 stands of towering palms and 100,000 tropical plants.

Transition and out-of-play areas are accented with Augusta white sand and black volcanic rock outcroppings.

5160 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV, 89119
Location: Strip


Bear’s Best Las Vegas

Jack Nicklaus’ playing career speaks volumes. He’s also been conniving golf courses for over thirty years. He has course designs on six of the seven lands. In short, He is expert in golf.

Mr. Nicklaus had one thing in attention with the idea for Bear’s Best – Las Vegas. Take 18 sign holes that he’s intended from through the area and put them organized to create a golfing environment like none other. The par 72 (rating/slope:74.0/147), 7,194-yard layout structures four sets of tees, permitting all levels of players a pleasant and unforgettable golf experience. Another exclusive feature is the payment of the full-color GPS system that will improve your golf experience as well as give you exact yardages to the pin. The setup also delivers a video outline by Mr. Nicklaus on each hole along with an animated fly-over of the hole strategy.

Bear’s Best – Las Vegas has model holes for Nicklaus designs from courses such as PGA West Private Course in La Quinta, California, Las Campanas in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Bear Creek Country Club in Murrietta, California, Old Works Golf Club in Anaconda, Montana, Desert Mountain (Chiricahua and Geronimo Courses) in Scottsdale, Arizona, La Paloma in Tucson, Arizona and Castle Pines in Castle Pines, Colorado. From Mexico, you’ll known holes from Palmilla Golf Course, El Dorado Resort and Cabo Del Sol just to name a rare.
Jack Nicklaus. The greatest name in golf. A legend in his own time. Now, you can experience his legacy in 18 holes of the best golf you’ll ever play.

11111 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV
Location: Southwest


Black Mountain Golf & Country Club

One of the more developed courses in the area, Black Mountain’s 27 holes’ meander through areas in Henderson, a suburb of Las Vegas. Situated just 20 minutes from Las Vegas Boulevard, Black Mountain proposals a reasonable golf option in the Vegas Valley.

A new clubhouse and heavy range offer better facilities to golfers. PGA Tour players Craig Barlow and Edward Fryatt grew up live Black Mountain.


500 Greenway Rd, Henderson, NV, 89015
Location: SE & Henderson

Las Vegas, NV has never had a professional football team. A few of the closest things the city ever had was the Las Vegas Outlaws, which was a part of the failed XFL, the Las Vegas Posse, from the failed CLF, and the Las Vegas Sting, from the failed Arena Football League. However, they have never been home to a team from the NFL. Of course, it appears that things are changing in that arena. The Oakland Raiders want to pick up and relocate to Sin City, and this has the potential to be very good for the town.

Even though the city has had trouble supporting professional sports teams in the past, the NFL is a different beast entirely. There seems to be a lot of potential, and the move looks like it could be a foregone conclusion, although there may be some hiccups, as you will see.

Raiders Apply for Permission to Move

In February, 2017, the Oakland Raiders applied for permission to move to Las Vegas. They need to have 24 owner votes before they can make this move. Currently, they are lacking a partner to provide them with some of the financing they need. The owner of Sands, Sheldon Adelson, was going to contribute, but backed out. There are rumors that another potential partner, Goldman Sachs, is not going to contribute either.

The Raiders currently still need to put together $650 million, in addition to the $750 million from Nevada taxpayers and the $500 million from the NFL, to build their proposed stadium. The cost of the stadium stands at $1.9 billion. Even though they have had people dropout from the investment, the Raiders say that they still have two banks that will help to provide the money needed for the stadium. However, they did not name the sources of these extra funds.

Reports say that Adelson was not pleased with the lease the Raiders wanted to sign. The proposal would have the Raiders paying just $1 in rent each year. The investor did not like how the proposal only favored the Raiders. One of the only potential benefits to having Adelson drop out is the fact that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was unhappy that a casino owner would be involved with the NFL in any way.

It Could Be Good for Las Vegas

If the Oakland Raiders do move to Las Vegas, it has the potential to be very good for the city. It could help to increase jobs in the city, and provide even more in the way of tourists dollars, although Vegas has never seemed to have a problem with the number of tourists that come here.

Even though most believe that the Raiders will be coming to Las Vegas, there is still a possibility that they will not get the funding and will not have the votes needed to make that move. It’s an interesting situation that is certainly worth watching. We should know the results before too long.

Resource: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/02/19/raiders-need-money-and-more-to-pull-off-las-vegas-move/