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If it’s really true that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, then the Raiders have found a permanent home, once and for all. The team has played in Oakland, Los Angeles, back in Oakland and now Sin City.

The Vote

The vote to approve the move took place back on 3/27/17 during the team owners’ annual meeting in Phoenix. Only one owner voted against the move, which passed 31-1.

This was actually a long time coming, though, as the team’s owners have been hoping to move out of Oakland – their longtime home – for the past two years. Originally, the team had hoped to move back to Los Angeles, but they lost this bid.

The city of Oakland tried to pass legislation to build a new stadium in order to keep the team, but this last-ditch effort also failed.

The Second of Two Professional Teams

Keep in mind that the Vegas Golden Knights will begin playing hockey there this year, as well. The city is literally going to go from no professional sports to two franchises – one with an established history – in one year.

What Will This Mean for Business?

At this point, it’s hard to imagine Las Vegas producing any more money than it already does, but the Raiders’ arrival could prove to be a real boon.

While the city has long been seen as a “playground for adults,” it could be argued that adult males don’t have nearly as many attractions focused on them. This will definitely change that and may convince more men to make a trip they may have otherwise been putting off.

You also have to consider the profits that hotels, casinos and restaurants will enjoy from the fan base of visiting teams. Every time the Raiders have a game, the fans of their opponents will consider flying in to watch the game.

Flying to Vegas is definitely going to be much more affordable than doing the same to watch a game in California, so past numbers are most likely going to be far below what the Raiders will now see.

Of course, part of this is because of the other attractions featured in Sin City. Affordable flights and hotels will both help bring in huge crowds.

The Costs of Brining the Raiders to Las Vegas

At the same time, you can’t bring in an NFL team without taking on some costs, too. The biggest one is going to be the stadium, which taxpayers are going to pay for to the tune of $750 million. This will be the largest public subsidiary any American sports stadium has ever received.

It’s tough to say how much of that investment will pay off and, if it does, how quickly that will happen.

While we’re still a long way from the first kickoff for the Las Vegas Raiders, the move is official and the city’s already celebrating. Even with the hundreds of millions it will take to build the team’s stadium, there are many reasons to welcome the new team for how it will stimulate the economy.


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Las Vegas is a wonderful city, and it seems as if there is always something interesting
to see and do for those who visit, as well as those who call it their home. This March,
you will find plenty of great things to enjoy, including checking out the games during
March Madness. Let’s look at some of the great options available.
What Can You Do for March Madness?
For two weeks in March, everyone has their mind on basketball, and if you are in Vegas
during this time, you can take advantage of the excitement in the city. Naturally, you
want to watch the games, and you certainly do not want to sit in your hotel room to
watch them. Fortunately, you will find that most of the sports bars in the area are just as
excited as you and your friends, and they will be tuning in. You can head to the Hard
Rock Café on the Strip and have fun at the Hoops Madness Party, or you can catch the
games live at the Sapphire.
If you are looking for sports books so you can place your bets on the games, Vegas is
certainly the city for you. Some of the casinos you might want to visit include Aria,
Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, the Hard Rock Hotel, Mandalay Bay, Planet Hollywood, and
Wynn. Of course, the city has quite a few more bookmakers than just these hotels and
Other Events in March
Of course, even though many people are excited about the games, you might want to
do a few other things while you are in town. In addition to all the fantastic permanent
shows in the city, March has some other acts that you might want to see.
Bruno Mars will be playing at the Monte Carlo on March 11 and 12. If you have never
seen Mars in person, you can rest assured that he puts on a fantastic show. If you can’t
get enough of Game of Thrones, you can check out the Game of Thrones Live Concert
Experience at the MGM Grand on March 25. If you would like to get your “Rebel Yell” on
before a “White Wedding”, be sure to check out Billy Idol. He will be performing at
Mandalay Bay from March 8 to March 24. Rod Steward will be a Caesars Palace from
March 15 through 31, and John Fogerty is at Wynn on March 11.
Keep in mind that these are just some of the shows that will be in Vegas in the month of
March. You have plenty of other great choices, too.
Never Get Bored in Vegas
As you can see, March is full of activities and events in addition to March Madness.
Make the most of the month and don’t forget that you can also indulge in some great
food. Whether you are looking for gourmet cooking, buffets, or something in between,
you can find plenty of places to enjoy in Vegas.
Resources: http://www.lasvegas-entertainment- guide.com/las-vegas-events-in-march.html

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