You are in Las Vegas for have fun and get some rest from busy or boring life? What will you do on a lazy afternoon? The answer is Vegas is the city of 24 hours’ fun, you can have fun and relax in pools. We made a list of top pools to have fun in the lazy, boring or hot afternoon.



There are many things in Las Vegas that can make you happy in anytime you want. Rehab, the great afternoon pool party is one of them. It’s among the hotspot day life experiences you can have in Las Vegas.

Rehab is situated in the Paradise Beach on 2 days in a week pool season, and it goes the tropical oasis into an all-inclusive party. The gigantic major pool is where a maximum of the fun is, but the hotspot has sufficiently going on between a 2nd pool, contain an exclusive bar and sandy areas for beach type feelings.

The exclusive bar will make you feel like you are in a jungle, it’s decorated with jungle theme with tropical touches. Also, you can get snacks and drinks at kiosks situated all over the complex.

For adventure-minded peoples, there’s also custom a water slide that will throw you out off in the 2nd pool, and as an addition, Rehab visitors can also get access the Hard Rock Hotel’s Breathe pool.

Moorea Beach Club


Located in Mandalay Bay’s with spectacular giant 11-acre Mandalay Beach compound, Moorea Beach Club delivers an expensive day life experience tuned with fun specifically to adults.

First of all, it’s found quite appropriately! in the same structure that also houses the resort’s open-air casino. Then, it contains a European themed atmosphere where tops are not recommended for women.

There are numerous glittering dipping pools as well as an extensive hot tub with well-maintained temperature depending on seasons. Visitors also have a wide collection of orchestra options. Many lounge chairs and couches with cheerful red cushions dot the area.

Palms Pool & Day Club


Called Palms Pool & Dayclub, the 2-acre giant pool compound at Palms Casino Resort is ready to rock you. Clever to house up to three thousand individuals at once, it’s cracked down into 3 different zones.

The primary pool is ringed by six woven-metal, tubular cabanas with classy custom insides.

An ankle-deep walking area gives way to a 2nd pool. To the precise are some 2nd-floor bungalows — each with their private pool, highly customized double-sided fireplace, lawn, and bedroom. To the left are around, canvas cabanas flanking a concert stage.

Azure Pool


Azure Luxurious Pool, the wealthy daytime pool involvement is where the high profile keeps a low profile while loving beautiful facilities from menus by fabulous chef Wolfgang Puck and massages by Canyon Ranch Spa Club, to courtesy frozen grapes and fresh fruit, Evian misting’s and chilled towels.

Eleven cabanas border the pool that house up to 8 guests. Prices vary liable on the day and ocations. Cabanas usually include a battery phone, flat panel LCD TV, newspapers and magazines, a refrigerator completely stocked with water and Red Bull, maximum fun and much more.

Bellagio Pool


Bellagio pool is breathtaking designed with the Italian flavor. The Bellagio have 5 luxurious pool and two of them are lap pools.

Relax among sophisticated luxurious citrus trees in excessive imported Italian pots amidst glittering pools and redesigned gardens will make you feel like you are in Italy.

The 2 largest pools are heated; the temperature of the 3 smaller pools vary by season. It feels like hot spring.

Additional water is delivered at many locations on the pool deck for visitors. The Pool Café features a menu present American favorites as well as Asian-inspired themes.

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